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Project 52 Photo Challenge : Tilt-Shift Maddie (8/52)

Eeeek, I skipped a week! I know, I know…We’re moving this weekend (and I have a LOT of cool projects going on right now, too), so the past couple of weeks have been kinda nuts. In fact, this very blog entry will be cut a little short, so let’s get right to it. This week’s...

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Dallas Dog Life Resource Guide – It’s Here!

A few weeks ago I announced the upcoming Dallas Dog Life Resource Guide from — well, folks, the time has come. It’s ready! If you’re planning on attending any of the awesome dog-related events over the next couple weeks (and there are lots of them! Check out for a comprehensive list), look for...

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : In Their Element (6/52)

Uh, is it Friday already? Wow. Where did the week go? That must mean it’s time for another Project 52 entry, though! This week’s theme was titled In Their Element, and the goal was to capture a pet doing what it does best, whether it’s a breed-specific job (like a Border Collie herding sheep) or...

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : perspective (5/52)

It’s time for another Project 52 post…This week’s theme was Perspective, and even though I chose the theme for the week, I almost had to bow out this time around…A lot has been going on this week, and I didn’t get a chance to put together a session until the very last minute. Yikes. Anyway!...

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : self portrait (4/52)

Time for another Project 52 post! This week’s theme wasn’t quite pet-related. Instead, we turned the cameras around to give you a glimpse of, well, us! Since I already have a few pictures of me floating around the site, I used this as an opportunity to get a little creative. I do a lot of...

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