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Wide Angle Madness

So, apparently it’s Summer here in Dallas. At least for the weekend. I recently realized that it’s been a while since I put Mr. Bruce in front of the camera (he’s turned into a bit of a diva, and I can now scarcely afford his exorbitant Day Rate), so in celebration of the lovely weather,...

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12 months of Maddie

Today is someone’s birthday. In honor of her special day, here’s a little tribute to Maddsters, the best Boston Terrier in the land, in the form of a photo of her taken each month this year. Some of these you’ll recognize from previous blog posts, but others (hint: this month’s) are making their blog debut....

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : Best of the Week (37/52)

Yikes, I’ve been slacking on the Project 52 posts this month. This week’s theme was super easy, though — pick your favorite photo from the week and post it up! I took Maddie out to the front yard to enjoy the fall colors on Wednesday. She wasn’t a huge fan of all the leaves, but...

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Maddie wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Halloween.

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : Chilled Out (31/52)

This week’s Project 52 challenge (Chilled Out) asked us to snap a photo of our dogs, well…chilling. Maddie is an enthusiastic relaxer, and usually spends her afternoons sunbathing in the back yard…on her back with her feet up in the air like a cockroach. Since she also has what I like to call a little...

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : 50mm (23/52)

This week’s project 52 theme was 50mm — sort of an “open theme” where we could photograph anything we wanted, as long as the focal length was 50mm. Fun! I know a lot of photographers are quite fond of the 50mm lineup (and I used to be among them), but I have a tendency to...

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : Tribute (22/52)

I got to pick the theme this week for the Project 52 Challenge (yay!) and I guess I kind of chose a hard one (sorry, fellow project members!). The theme this week was Tribute, and it’s a project I enjoyed working on wayyy back in art school. The idea was to choose an image (a...

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : Repetition (21/52)

This week’s Project 52 theme was Repetition — a repeating pattern, shape, object, element… …or in this case, a repeating dog (or 2). Bruce is a narcissist and loves staring at himself in the mirror anyway, so this challenge was easy for him; Maddie, on the other hand, is a little more humble. Neither of...

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Project 52 Photo Challenge : Backlighting (20/52)

This week’s super cool theme in the Project 52 Photo Challenge was Backlighting! I love this lighting style, and have several dozen shots in my archives that would have fit the theme perfectly, but this shot in particular is something I’ve been meaning to capture for a while. So, I decided to follow the pups...

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