dog days…Bruce & Maddie come in from the heat

As Summer draws closer and temperatures approach the three-digit mark here in Dallas, the dogs (Bruce especially) are spending less time outside and more time playing indoors…or napping, as it were. Still, we headed out early this morning to get a few quick shots before the neighborhood heated up like a sauna.

* * *

An unconventional shot, but I love, love, love it. This is Bruce’s “I’m Up To No Good” look, and Maddie (as always) is fighting ’til the bitter end trying to keep him in line while being pushed out of the frame. A typical day with the fetch. interns.

Starting to heat up. They’ve retreated to the shady side of the house to dig up my rose garden cool off.

This is Bruce’s Chairâ„¢. It’s in the Sun Room right next to the driveway so he can keep tabs on our comings and goings. (Secret confession: this image is basically straight out of the camera – only minor contrast adjustments. Bruce really is just that gorgeous, and Bruce’s Chairâ„¢ really is that orange)…Shot with my favorite lens, Canon 50mm 1.4 (1/500 sec @ 2.8 for this shot)

Never missing an opportunity to nap, Maddie found a nesting spot near the living room doorway. That kid can sleep anywhere…

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Melinda Wright - Claire, I am enjoying your blog and pics of the granddogs AND the other dogs too! It makes me smile every day. Thank you for doing such beautiful work with the camera!June 21, 2010 – 9:42 am

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