Get it, Maddie

Maddie has a cute little remnant of her pit-fighting ancestors, the original Boston Bulldogs. That is, if you point at something and tell her to “Get It”, she’s all over it. No questions asked, just on it. We are bad dog parents and employ this tactic to pit her against stuffed animals, vacuum cleaners, unwelcomed guests*…and the sprinkler. She would still be out there right now, fiercely waging war against the sprinkler, a solid little muscular ball of muffled barks and gurgles if I hadn’t offered her treats to get her back inside. She occasionally runs to the back door to make sure it’s not still out there waiting to get her.

*not really

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Jentry - Love the pics! Great, great job! Now I really have to consider bringing Charlie over… :)June 9, 2010 – 10:37 am

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