Pool Party

It’s been hot here in Dallas. Really hot. So hot, in fact, that it’s hard to get Bruce and Maddie outside for their daily exercise. Until I brought Mr. Frog Pool home. Mr. Frog Pool is actually a sandbox that my kiddo outgrew and was sitting on my parents’ deck collecting dust and acting as a sentry point for the neighborhood cats. I found out that indeed it held water, so I lugged it home where it now sits on my deck, collecting Husky fur instead of dust.

This morning we went out and filled it up, of course facilitating an impromptu photoshoot…My camera has gotten soaked with various liquids (water, drool…) so many times, it’s a wonder it hasn’t given up yet…Consider that a testament to Canon’s quality manufacturing: Anything that can hold up to my dogs’ drool and pool spray is worth its weight in gold.

Here’s Maddie “helping”

Bruce loves the water (except when it’s bath time), so he jumped right in, but Maddie was a little apprehensive…(here she is trying to help “clean up” the overspray).

the studio fetch interns go for a swim...

Until I threw her squeaky lizard in the water and she had no choice but to hop in after him…And didn’t want to get out.

They took turns going in for a dip…

…and Bruce occasionally broke from his swimming to run around the yard like a crazed lunatic

I’m glad I could get Maddie interested in the water – even if I had to bribe her with Squeaky Gecko to get her feet wet — Of course, she immediately ran and jumped on my bed with those wet feet, where she is currently snoozing soundly (and loudly, as always)…

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