Project 52 Photo Challenge : batmaddie (3/52)

It’s time for the next round of Project 52!

This week’s theme: EARS. And what better way to illustrate it than by subjecting Maddie to some ridiculous headgear (featuring some pretty famous ears, of course)?

This is Maddie suiting up for battle as she prepares to defend the house from intruder squirrel armies. I guess you may be asking yourself: “Why is Maddie wearing the Batman cowl and not Bruce Wayne? Duh!” Well, that’s a question with a two-part answer. First, the cowl looked way sadder on Maddie. And also because Bruce ran away when I tried to get him to put it on. So, yeah…


Without leaving you in suspense, let’s check out the next photographer in the project 52 ring (and don’t forget to keep clicking through all the links until you’re back where you started)! This week, it’s the talented Liz Stabbert of Silverdale, WA! Take it away, Liz………

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Karen - Fabulous! I love it!March 25, 2011 – 9:25 am

Ann Kearns - Haha! Love it! That is hilarious.
Great photo.March 25, 2011 – 10:00 am

Blue Amrich - Love this! The expression on her face is priceless.March 25, 2011 – 10:38 am

Stephanie Madeline - I laughed out loud when I saw this. Too funny!March 25, 2011 – 11:17 am

Caitlin McColl - Bat Maddie looks so adorable!!!!! Fantastic interpretation of the theme :)March 31, 2011 – 6:59 am

Poochie Freak - Oh Maddie! I love this :-)

UKApril 28, 2011 – 7:32 pm

Emilee - Oh my goodness, I love this! Maddie is so patient, I don’t think my dogs would ever tolerate the Batman cowl on their heads. And I totally love that you actually own that, being a Batman fan myself (the Christopher Nolan Batman films, though). :)June 10, 2011 – 6:13 pm

Project 52 Photo Challenge : At The Movies : (17/52) « fetch. blog [ modern dog photography ] Dallas, TX - [...] minute, I decided to include Maddie in the fun as well, and added another shot to my series of Maddie Wearing Masks. This one is titled Maddie [...] July 1, 2011 – 3:06 am

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