Project 52 Photo Challenge : Strange Behavior : (19/52)

This week’s Project 52 theme was Strange Behavior, something both of the dogs have in excess. So, I decided to do a little something different this week — video!

Bruce hates bedtime, and wastes no opportunity to voice his displeasure. He’s also not technically allowed on the bed…And he talks. So, our evening routine usually goes something like this (complete with howling montage and cute tricks at the end to try and wear me down):

Next up in the blog ring, let’s check out some more Strange Behavior from Cynthia Wood

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Claire Garrett - hahah he’s so cuteeeeee!!July 15, 2011 – 7:12 am

Nat - Oh my gosh I love that Bruce hahahahahahaha!!! I was hoping you’d do video! :DJuly 15, 2011 – 11:16 am

Blue - Hahaha! I almost choked on my drink when he waving good-by at the end. Love it!July 15, 2011 – 2:10 pm

Steph - Ha. That’s funny stuff.July 15, 2011 – 8:01 pm

Stephanie - Awww. “Mom don’t make me go to bed!”July 16, 2011 – 11:19 pm

Ann Kearns - OMG! That is hilarious. Oh, I think I love him.
Toooo, tooo, cute.July 22, 2011 – 8:46 am

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