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Snow Day with Bruce and Maddie, part deux :: dallas dog photography

All the ice we’ve been getting finally gave way to some fluffy, powdery snow last night and the dogs have been loving it. Even Maddie channeled her Boston roots and went for a romp in the (to her) tummy-high white stuff. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to this morning: In case...

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So I guess Huskies like snow…

It’s snowing here in Dallas! Well, more like 2 inches or so of ice with some fluffy powder on top. Regardless, Bruce is over the moon (literally, from the looks of it). A special thanks to my husband for braving the -3 degree windchills and 30mph winds to throw some snacks in the air for...

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Pool Party

It’s been hot here in Dallas. Really hot. So hot, in fact, that it’s hard to get Bruce and Maddie outside for their daily exercise. Until I brought Mr. Frog Pool home. Mr. Frog Pool is actually a sandbox that my kiddo outgrew and was sitting on my parents’ deck collecting dust and acting as...

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Hard at Work

In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Week, I put Maddie to work…in the backyard. Throwing her squeaky ball with one hand while holding a 10 lb. camera and lens in the other turned out to be more work for me than it was for her, though. Popeye arms, here I come.

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