Unleash the Hounds

Yesterday we took a trip to our favorite Summer spot, Unleashed Indoor Dog Park. This trip was bittersweet, though, as this will likely be their last visit — this location is closing its doors next week, and although they’ll be opening other locations (possibly even closer to home!), we’ll have to wait quite a while to get our Unleashed fix again.

So, I grabbed the camera and the pups, and we headed over to get some farewell shots of the place and all the smiling faces. The light wasn’t great yesterday so I lost a few good shots to crappy lighting, but I did get a few happy dogs to share with you. Almost all of these dogs were visiting for Daycare, so if you see your dog here, please let me know and I’ll add his or her name to the post and send you a copy of the shot :)

I got some HILARIOUS shots of Bruce, but he has a reputation to uphold, so I’ll refrain from posting them for now and use them as blackmail.

This pup was my bestie. Followed me around all afternoon, and definitely loved the camera. Every time I’d kneel down to get a shot, I’d see this little black nose in my lens.

An extremely photogenic and extremely happy Golden.

Bruce’s bestie. They both stayed in the pool the whole time. Then they’d beat up on each other for a while…Then back to the pool. By the end of the afternoon they were giving each other kisses.

I love Vizslas. Gabby here is no exception. What an expressive face. I got lots of photos of her.

Ball ball ball ball ball throwtheball


This is Scarlett – what a beautiful face! Wish I’d had time to get some more shots of her in better lighting. Love those big GSD bat ears.

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Kylie Lighting - The most popular sight hound in the US is the Rhodesian Ridgeback, one of the few hound breeds that is used as a guard dog. June 17, 2010 – 4:14 pm

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